Buying and Selling eBooks on eBay

Buying and Selling eBooks on eBay

Buying and Selling eBooks on eBayFeatured & Dutch Auctions Once you’ve been selling a while and you know what your best sellers are then you can try ‘featured’ and ‘dutch’ auctions.

A Dutch auction is when you sell multiple items in one auction or buy-it-now listing. They cost a little more to list but you should make more money as you’ll sell more.

Think about it; if you have a single item and it sells on the first day of listing then that’s it, it’s sold. But if you have 10 for sale and 3 for sale on the first day then you’ll still have 7 left. I would only recommend this to your best sellers though.

Featured items cost even more but your listing is featured on the first page (or two) of the category. When people are browsing the category, no matter which sorting option they’ve chosen i.e.; time left, cheapest first etc. Your listing will feature on the first couple of pages depending on how many featured listings there are in that category.

This type of listing is best for higher priced products but can work for cheaper items too, especially if they’re great sellers.

Ebay Shops

I would recommend getting an Ebay shop as soon as possible. Partly because it only costs 3p to list any item and partly because it makes you look more professional.

There are three levels of shop subscription to choose from:

● The Basic Shop – £6 Per Month

● The Featured Shop – £30 Per Month

● The Anchor Shop – £300 Per Month

Go for the basic shop to start off with. You’ll get your first 30 days free. Inside your Ebay shop you’ll find many features you should familiarize yourself with in order to maximize your shop to its fullest potential

Regards, Coyalita

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