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ALL ABOUT BABY BOOMERS Supplementing and Hormones


Supplementing and Hormones

As a combination of the diet and exercise regimens of the Baby Boomer, it is also important to take into consideration supplementation and your body’s hormones, both of which are critical at preserving the body’s health and longevity.

You may ask why you need to add supplements to your diet when you have just started on a healthy diet that’s been described here. The reason for this is really unfortunate for most.

Supplementation is needed for other reasons as well. Here are some examples of why you need to add the right nutrients to your diet now.

  • Pesticids and herbicides are commonly used to help keep bugs off of the foods that are grown. While you think that this is a good thing, it still causes problems producing nutrients in the soil.


  • The soil itself is often not even authentic soil! Some of the most modern farms use synthetic types of soil which allow for faster and longer growing seasons that produce more products that’s also good looking.


  • With genetic mutation, scientists have developed fruits and vegetables (not to mention virtually any other type of food that you eat) products that are genetically altered enough to produce the perfect specimen every time. The nutrients get left out.

When you don’t get the right types and amounts of nutrients, your body will break down faster with the onset of degenerative diseases. In fact, some studies have shown that with the proper nutrients you can die early. As you know, we are working on keeping you healthy longer and supplementation can take us there.


The Baby Boomer’s Diet


What did you eat this morning or today, for that matter? Did you eat a well-balanced diet that’s full of whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits? Or was your breakfast a cup of coffee and a bagel, loaded with cream cheese of course?

You are what you eat. The Standard American Diet is a term that’s been coined to describe the fast-food crazy, greasy, fatty, and high sugared diet that most Americans eat. Even if you live on the other side of the planet, chances are good that you aren’t eating a diet that’s rich in the foods that are important to your aging process.

If you have a larger midsection to your body, then you have an elevated risk of having a heart attack due to heart disease. Just a few extra pounds are all it takes.

If you consume a diet that is rich in salt, you are destroying your kidneys as well as some of the other organs in your body.

If you are eating fatty foods, you’re killing you heart by suffocating it under layers of cholesterol.

Diets that go from one extreme to the next are everywhere you look. Those that are facing a diet that is high in protein are still putting their hearts at risk because of the increase cholesterol there. Those that are following a low-fat diet are doing the opposite. They are not giving the body enough protein to build muscle mass, which helps you to burn fat faster.

Because diets are so extreme, they rarely work for people that are facing these conditions.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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