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ALL ABOUT BABY BOOMERS “Independent Baby Boomers Are Now Travelers”


“Independent Baby Boomers Are Now Travelers”

For regular people, cost of travel and the time it calls for to be taken away from work can be two main hindrances to considering travel for themselves, what with competition and inflation setting in as well for them; however, with baby boomers – born into privileged, wealthy families that showered them with everything they needed and the greater freedom they enjoyed in exercising choices, there’s no such obstacles.

This is because baby boomers are products of the population explosion after the Second World War (the period between 1946 and 1958, to be precise) when America and other parts of Europe witnessed a surge in childbirth rates, following the economic prosperity and stability enjoyed by the surviving families who could pass these on to their children.

Thus, baby boomers are actually the target audience of many exclusive and up-market tour operators who wait and plan their packages and schemes around the interests and needs of the baby boomers approaching retirement, who can jolly well afford to do so as they have already come from wealthy families; added to that they have held high income jobs, been high achievers and do not need to worry about these or looking after families that are well taken care of, so are free to travel.

They also have an independent streak in them that does not permit them to take the ways of the older generation when they face retirement i.e. sulking at home or worrying over approaching old age since they have already considered how to fight aging (through exercise and fitness routines besides taking advantage of medical science treatments for collagen, knee, and hip replacements etc.) so can concentrate on availing the benefits of a great travel deal they can easily afford.

The attention they enjoyed as kids has continued for the baby boomers through their adulthood and even till their retirement age as recently travel companies hoping to entice them with luxury travel options have further travel agencies luring this deep-pocketed lot with an exclusive website catering only to baby boomer travel needs, interests, amenities, and customized travel plans requested.

Just an email dropped in for enquiry will start the process of online booking of travel deals, checking and comparing options on other sites and many will do this till late at night since they are comfortable handling technology and gadgets that allow them to view, review, compare, scan, and print essential documents –even tickets and guides off the Internet.

Thus, the true nature of baby boomers at retirement age is to opt for a relaxing and illuminating vacation at luxury resorts or hotels rather than the general touristy choice of a wayside hotel that is overcrowded; they feel they can splurge their hard-earned dollars and they deserve to do so on themselves and a certain degree of comfort and frills.

With the US home to 29% baby boomers, the travel industry there can look forward to hundreds of bookings provided they learn about specific interests, comfort levels, can pamper customers that are accustomed to being treated well and give them variety, fun and luxury travel plans.


Events In the Year When Baby Boomers Are Born Shaped Their Lives


The ‘Me Generation’ or the Baby Boomers questioned existing political views, social stance, and discriminatory laws in higher education besides channeling their creative energies towards boosting economic prosperity for the nation as they emerged successful in their chosen field through being over-achievers and leaders.

The year 1946 began with a bang for the baby boomers with some of the nation’s biggest moments including Churchill’s warnings about the ‘iron curtain’ of the Soviet controlling Eastern Europe; the UN’s first general assembly, philanthropist, John D. Rockefeller donating his wealth to a New York-based UN headquarter and the Nuremburg war crimes being carried out, which resulted in 12 Nazis being sentenced to death.

Mahatma Gandhi, the charismatic Indian leader and advocate of peace and brotherhood was assassinated in 1948; communists in Czechoslovakian took over control of the land, the Marshall Plan was ratified, which approved of $17 billion being used for the aid of Europeans and Israel gave shelter to over 200,000 European refugees.

The following year witnessed the rise of communist power in China and its nationalists fleeing to Taiwan, the NATO being established and Israel becoming part of UN; Apartheid was officially declared as the governmental policy of South African, which was a feat for the global community that chose equality over racial discrimination.

The 1950’s lot of baby boomers saw North Korea invading South Korea, Chinese communist forces taking over Tibet and President Truman and Alger Hiss being condemned on charges of lying under oath.

The next year, the American Congress passed its 22nd Amendment allowing 2nd terms for a President while Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were convicted for passing on US nuclear to Soviet Union and President Dwight Eisenhower was elected to power the year after; the same year (1952) Princess Elizabeth was crowned queen of Great Britain and the U.S constructed Nautilus, its first nuclear submarine.

1953 came with its fair share of political upsets and victories, like Nikita Khrushchev winning after the death of Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union and Josef Tito being elected as the new Yugoslavian President; of course, the execution of convicted spies, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg made headlines too while a laudable new branch, the U.S. Health and Human Services were also created.

1954 highlights included a Supreme Court verdict of racial discrimination in educational institutions being unconstitutional, Senator McCarthy conducting enquiries into the Army’s communist infiltration and subsequently declaring it on national TV; ’55 saw Martin Luther King, Jr., leading the 1st U.S. civil rights society and WW-II allies signing a treaty for restoring Austria’s independence.

The re-election of President Eisenhower made news in 1956 as did Israel’s invasion of Sinai Peninsula, Fidel Castro starting off the Cuba revolution; ‘ was no less eventful: Eisenhower presented his ‘Doctrine,’ the Soviet Union brought in the space age via Sputnik and the last of the baby boomer years, 1958, recorded the US launching its first satellite, Explorer I while NASA was established and so was the United Arab Republic (with the coming together of Egypt, Sudan and U.S Marines intervention in Lebanon).

Thus, baby boomers sure grew up in interesting times.

 Best Wishes, Coyalita

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