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ALL ABOUT BABY BOOMERS Baby Boomers, What They Want and Expect Today


Baby Boomers, What They Want and Expect Today

We look at this privileged generation that had its parents fulfilling their every need, right from giving them a sound education, higher college degrees, professional training, enabling them to focus on themselves and the freedom to make their own decisions that made the baby boomers an independent, entrepreneurial lot, filled with leadership skills, eager to go!

The baby boomer generation was very aware of the situation around them – be it political deadlocks, military drafting issues that they were not keen on, civil rights issues such as discrimination in education institutions based on race and ethnicity – and they fought to bring in changes for a more equal, more American world.

They also contributed in a big way to the industrial, academic, and economic conditions of American and the US history is filled with tales of young, brave, and free-thinking baby boomers that changed its course with their forward thinking, free-wheeling, and highly unconventional ways to bring in and keep making money, all between 1946 and 1964!

The baby boomers grew up in times when civil rights were a big issue that affected everybody with their eyes open: protests, demonstrations, marches were in the face and soon they realized that more than the American Military regime it was the communists and socialists that were their enemies, so they grew more interested in learning to form their own political views and unafraid of airing them to educate the public about the ill-effects of the Cold War and impending Vietnam War issues.

Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush are 2 famous baby boomers with their distinct militarily and political views and even as one is a democrat and the other a republican, their views on empowering the military for retaining the US’s status as a world power and matters of civil rights are similar.

Coming to what the baby boomers want: in terms of this go-out-there-and-do-it-all generation, it would mean better healthcare and medical aid facilities, now that many of them are facing retirement and post-retirement planning needs to be considered.

Since life expectancy for the baby boomer generation has increased thanks to advancements in science and medicine, it does mean that they need to be better prepared for living healthy, long lives and still contribute to the community around them with their creative energies – as many of them are keen to do.

With social security and medical healthcare taken care of, there’s no reason the baby boomers are retiring today and cannot achieve all the retirement and health benefits they so deserve and travel, relax, rejuvenate, and contribute to their community.


Baby Boomers Coping with Middle-Age Crisis


It is a well-known fact that children love to celebrate their birthdays, and these are occasions for calling in friends, having party games, special food, and snacks besides other highlights such as clowns, party animal-rides and of course, decorations, cakes, and gifts! However, as one naturally ages birthday celebration gets toned down and even people’s attitudes towards growing older does; thus, even turning a year older can give some of the baby boomers a bit of a chill – aging is not something particularly loved by this ‘Me Generation’ and approaching 40, the thought of middle age can be very off-putting for them.

For some happy go lucky creatures, the idea of life beginning at 40 may keep them going strong but for others, the fear of aging is very deliberating, so they need to get advice and tips from those who have been there, done it – so they, too, can lead meaningful, fulfilling, and whole lives.

Middle age comes with its own changes and demands, just like youth did: from emotional to mental to financial and medical, there’s a gamut of aspects that need the baby boomer’s attention and for the best of them to deal with these issues, requires proper knowledge and will power besides focus.

Two critical issues that often build up to a mid-life crisis are morality and aging: which are natural human aspects but can cause a major upset in the baby boomer, an individual accustomed to being treated highly, being independent and self-focused. The realization that these issues can also affect their families is another thought that eats into them.

Mid-life is generally tagged as the period between 40 to 60 and many baby boomers who have so far only focused on themselves, their goals and needs, now come to the realization of looking at factors they have directly or indirectly influenced, such as family, friends, colleagues and neighbors besides the community at large; so, they begin to take a more serious, introspective look at themselves and how they can bring fruitful changes to better these things around them.

Baby boomers grew up obsessed with exercise and fitness, endorsing and not afraid to use medical science’s advances for getting that collagen treatment to reverse aging or keeping to a tight workout regime like jogging to keep the tires off; but sooner or later, they have to wake up and smell the coffee: which brings with it physical reminders staring the baby boomers right in the face. The mirror tells its true story for the baby boomers so afraid of aging and loss of hair, youthful skin, wrinkles etc. can be scary aspects of heralding another birthday.

They need to accept aging as a natural part of life and understand that all the anti-aging products of the biggest brands cannot stop birthdays from piling up or eventually showing up on the baby boomers’ faces and bodies: emotionally, it can be more of a trying time for marriage partners, both of whom have aging issues and even end up in divorce if emotions are not kept in check. Being loving, encouraging about the changes, and allowing a person to grow naturally into what they are meant to be is the understanding needed to keep relationships going: acceptance is the key element to aging and taking it gracefully and baby boomers in relationships need to be aware of this.

Of course, middle age is likely to bring along some unpalatable truths about your mortality: you’ll come face to face with the reality of sagging skins, sun-spots, bags under the eyes, graying or thinning hair, even balding – weight gain and family drying around you will be difficult to deal with all together, but with determinations, foresight and a will to change your life around, you can be as productive as before and face mid-life: head-on!!

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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