ALL ABOUT BABY BOOMERS Baby Boomer Injuries at Windsor and Safety Measures to Avoid Them”


Baby Boomer Injuries at Windsor and Safety Measures to Avoid Them”

When the US soldiers came back home after the Second World War, the period between 1946 and 1964 witnessed a population boom and the high birth rates marked the emergence of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, which contributed to the growing economic prosperity and change in political thinking in America.

Not only was financial wealth increasing with the baby boomers coming of age but due to the sustained support of their parents (the survivors of WW-II) in education, social life, public life and other aspects, this group was ready for all types of challenges thank to freedom of thought and action and the professional qualifications they were all armed with.

Independence and harnessing of creative energies were possible for the American baby boomers much in part due to their easy availability of college education and degrees, so now their generation (ranging between 42-60 years) is regarded as a keen subject for numerous studies, including the famous Windsor, Ontario one on how focused on their needs for improvement are – especially for fitness.

A passion for exercising, obsession, may not be too out of line to describe the need of baby boomers to stay active and fit – and of course, an attempt to reverse the signs of ageing. There being such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’ not having occurred to many of the baby boomers lead to ‘boomeritis,’ a phrase coined to suggest the effect of existing too much on exercise.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics studied efforts put in by health practitioners towards treating baby boomer injuries due to excessive stress on exercise and fitness and reports revealed an alarming 1million plus injuries recorded by their collectively putting in 488 million hours of labor for baby boomer patients in 2005 with an estimated $19,000 spent on their health management!

The Windsor, Ontario study reveals that baby boomers past the age of 50 are still pushing (or punishing) their bodies to exercise, which has resulted in giving rise to complaints of tendonitis, knee-problems and hip arthritis besides bursitis and other stressful health conditions; these combined fitness-related ailments has resulted in baby boomers over-doing the wear and tear their bodies can hardly put up with.

A rise in the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries between ’95 and 2000 in the Windsor, Ontario Canada region points to this pathetic condition of fitness obsessed baby boomers suffering too many injuries, too frequently and thus, local health departments keen on educating this independent generation of go-getters advocate certain precautionary measures for aging baby boomers who’d like to stick to an active lifestyle – sans the disadvantages of injuries.

These tips for baby boomers keen to maintain fitness levels, include choosing a form of exercise suited to individual health conditions, avoiding types of exercise that tire out their joints and learning to read body signals – meaning, easing off the regime when they experience pain.

In this manner, baby boomers high on the beneficial effects of a regular exercise regime can hope to keep fit and healthy while also ensuring a balance between ways of producing healthy collagen levels (good for the cartilage) and eating a nutritious diet with plenty of Vitamin C and other healthy foods – but without compromising on the safety factor associated with sensible exercise.

This requires proper warming up before entering into strenuous exercise routines, stretching for elasticity of muscles and using standard exercise gear and equipment for the work-out besides cooling down after the routine is over.

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