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Do You Ever Wonder Where the Baby Boomers Are Now?

After the conflicts of being a battle-worn land were over, the US faced another crisis – that of bearing up to rising birth rates after WW-II ended: much of these higher childbirth rates were attributed to the economic affluence enjoyed by ally countries and America, which produced and marketed many products that kept the flow of money constant.

Baby boomers grew up amidst wealth and its trappings to lead luxurious, or at least comfortable lives, were entitled to the best education and even got more than one college degree, thus forging for themselves more of a professionally stable start than the previous generation would have dreamed of.

With so much freedom at hand and so many privileges given them, was it any wonder that they’d be inclined beyond academics? No? Then, you can well understand the affinity of the baby boomers towards matters of political, social, civic, cultural, and business interests that translated into their taking actively to life beyond arts and academics, which also they excelled in.

The baby boomers worked hard and played harder to combine the best that life had to offer; they flouted conventional, made their own rules, learned to be free-spirited, tried drugs, avoided marriage and having kids till much later and were aware of their civil rights and even by the late sixties, showed no signs of stopping.

Thus, we find that the baby boomers shaped much of the U.S as we know it today: now, closing to retirement age, most of the baby boomers are keen on continuing to share their expertise and skills in a manner useful to society and the world community.

Some are even daring enough to consider switching jobs at retirement age or with a few years left to go, which is a challenging but exciting task for those that have been excellent entrepreneurs and dare-devil executives – self-belief and focus keeps them going strong.

Using their experience, talents, and creative energies towards reconstructing local communities around them, reinventing themselves after finding their true purpose in life and going about recharging their freedom to live life to the lees, is what is keeping the baby boomers from making headlines today.

Currently, most of the baby boomers are reaching retirement age now and are more than likely considering various retirement home deals with up-market real estate agents where they are assured they will be treated to a community life, amenities and medical healthcare options besides resort-like facilities for entertainment and productivity so they can lead fruitful lives – even 5 or 10 years down the line, when they leave the business world behind.

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