Career Change, Is It for A Baby Boomer?

Parents of baby boomers may have long provided for their emotional and basic needs, but there comes a time when this category of people needs to begin focusing on meeting these needs on their own, independently, and intelligently.

So is the case with their choosing to switch careers: initially, it may seem hard to take a decision, but no one says that changing professions needs to be a ‘drop of the that’ decision, so take your time and weigh the pros and cons of probable career options.

Of course, a change in career is not always a good decision, especially for those baby boomers already having attained a level of success in their current job, but sometimes, one can naturally feel that their natural path lies elsewhere.

In such a situation, it is best to introspect and produce career options based on talent, skills, and aptitude for excelling at the new job instead of just going by the lure of big money, which many people get misguided by.

A bigger pay packet should not be the sole criterion for determining a job change as jobs already pay well enough today to fulfil all major needs, especially with easy financing available for extras or for kids care etc. However, if one is really fed up with working at the same job day in and day out, then a career change may be an innovative idea – for those who have no love left for their job.

Baby boomers are typically people who are already well-settled into their chosen professions by now, yet want to work harder and longer than others urged by the need to excel with many taking late retirement and still others switching careers, too; thus, this category comprises professional workforce that believes in contributing valuable expertise even after retirement – therefore the late hours put in.

Many baby boomer candidates have changed jobs thrice and still lacked the satisfaction that comes with an ideal job; others find the decision-making behind a job-change a formidable task. Whichever category you fit in, you need to look within for the answer and take the ultimate step towards your reasons for considering a change of job.

What makes it hard for baby boomer generation to confront a change in career is the fact that they grew up in a well to do world where their needs were met for them, so in today’s highly competitive marketplace, they are better equipped to compete with equally qualified people and should try to do so – for their own sake.

The simplest advice a career advisor would give baby boomers looking for a career change is to look out for something they love doing – and then stick to working at that, till retirement age!

Thus, while many people leave jobs, and still others are not cut out for certain jobs, and even more may be laid off, those that make job-change a calculated and conscious choice, such as baby boomers can do, should think over certain aspects of their life to make it a smart decision.

Some of these elements involved in a job change decision for baby boomers include, assessing present skills and aptitude suitable for other jobs, defining your passion, being realistic about talents and sense of fulfillment in the job and considering taking on fresh training to gain new ground at the present place to increase scope of work productivity.

Experts advise baby boomers to overlook irrelevant factors such as age and gender; instead, focus on qualifications and willingness to learn, experiment, and grow by contributing to a worthy organization that one is interested in or naturally inclined towards.

Stress on the experience on the job you have and the necessary training you have undergone to bring value to the business and you will find that even though change is not possible overnight, it sure can be achieved with success once you plan and work towards making it all come true – of course, it pays to keep family in the know as well as your true talents before you, so you make the right choice.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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