Baby Boomer Defined and Their Impact on Society

Despite adequate measures of birth control taken by couples and the increased education about population control sent out to the public, the aftermath of the Second World War and the relief over having survived the worst of it, lead to many persons working harder at building their lives around the current times.

The result of this was definite and sustained economic growth and consequently, it was easier to have babies and take care of them due to the directionally proportional sense of confidence and prosperity enjoyed by the generation of young couples at the time.

Babies born after WW-II, specifically between ’46 to ’64 were thus, termed Baby Boomers (since population was booming in every corner of the world) and the United States was foremost in the strong economies of the world, thus helped boost that of other countries, which resulted in a greater than expected boost for different nations. This did slow down after 1958, but it had already done a world of good to the financial status of many nations.

Baby boomers were further defined by the increased opportunities that were given to them by way of having been born in a time that bespoke economic growth and sustained success for parents who could, in turn, pass these on to the children so education was never a matter of struggle.

Most baby boomers, thus, hold college degrees – some even double degrees and these highly qualified people have the cream of jobs available to them. They are therefore able to raise their families better, keep them in comfort if not entirely in luxury and tend to be go-getters, in the best sense of the term.

However, many baby boomers, because they are over-achievers in a way, tend to be domineering and bossy individuals who overshadow (and like to do so, too) others around them, sometimes without being conscious they are doing so; this is largely because they got too much, too soon. But, for these kinds of baby boomers, there is also a significant percentage of peaceful, gracious, and social beings in the world of business too.

A deeper look into the life of baby boomers will let us know there is still another category within this unique, phenomenally successful, and free-spirited generation i.e. that of shadow boomers – babies born between 1958 and 1963 (also known as echo boomers).

Close to 79 million baby boomers were born during this time and were known to exhibit certain ethnicity and political patterns in their outlook and behavior. This led most of them to being very hot-headed and argumentative and a newer generation followed them, tagged as Gen ‘x’

Hard to tag, difficult to handle and with set tastes in habits, holding strong opinions and exhibiting characteristic behavior patterns of leaders and winners, the baby boomers is a generation of the 60’s that conflicted with parents on issues of fashion, politics, fine arts and drug use with their defiant stance of shunning accepted social norms.

It was this generation that popularized the phrase of not trusting anyone over 30 and threw light on a generation gap existing between them (the new generation) and the older lot (the old-timers). Rebels, revolutionaries, and radicals all came under the baby boomer category that a common representative of the baby boomer generation would be the punk rock-star youngster, speaking of free love and power besides those flaunting established moral ideas as archaic.

Overall, the term baby boomers apply to a generation that passionately believes in doing what they like, achieving what they want and being assertive about their needs – thanks to a high sense of prosperity and security.

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