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The Baby Boomer Generation Continues To ‘Boom’

Teenagers are the best category of people that can be studied as a representative of any generation as they reflect all the highs and lows associated with a time and experience of growing up in society’s changing fabric.

So it is with baby boomers also – known for their distinctive characteristics and marked disregard at times for the established patterns of society, cultural norms and flaunting of new-age thoughts, this post WW-II generation witnessed the surge of the economic growth and stability enjoyed by their parents, which translated into them being more aware of their ‘boom factor’ and being able to influence the rest of the world.

While close to 79 million baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1960, the one thing common among each one was the spirit of success and high education granted to them courtesy a prosperous and progressive family background that met their every need for development.

As a famous child specialist, Dr. Benjamin Spock mentions of this generation, they were a lot that was highly attuned to instinctive judgment and depending on themselves for furthering their cause, through reason and discipline.

The main reason for this generation of think-different people born after WW-II surviving in a competitive and fast changing world was attributed to their ability to reason for themselves, find a passion or cause to dedicate themselves to and the fact that they had the support of their parents to develop their personality with much more leniency than the generation before them.

This did lead to a certain self-indulgence in the baby boomer generation, but this self-focus also resulted in them aiming higher and achieving more at education, work and play for themselves since they broke rules and established new ones – to succeed in every sphere of life.

Comprising nearly 29% of the population of the United States, the baby boomer generation is much like the bunch of revolutionary thinkers one reads about who can achieve breakthroughs in areas angels fear to tread: they drove the markets higher up than ever before with astute planning, deliberate and studied strategies and unconventional approach to winning besides of course, their love for challenging social norms to suit their ends.

So, the baby boomers continued to thrive amidst their freely declared love for free sex, experimenting, rock music, greater money consciousness and ability to think out of the box. They brought in many changes into the social fabric, such as it being all right to question current beliefs, wanting to stay young, working longer hours, retiring later than their parents did and wanting to hang on to their youth!

Thus, apart from redefining political and religious views, baby boomers wanting an elixir of life have gotten it thanks to modern medical science advancing to meet these demands and the boomers’ ability to pay for high-end treatments to boost quality of life has resulted in them getting more out of life than the older generation had ever thought possible.

So, from politics, to education, to relationship-management and establishing new-age values for morals, business ethics, work culture, redefining gender values and carving new boundaries for self-growth besides how to raise children, the baby boomers have their own take on each aspect of life: this has resulted in their booming still, so many years since they first arrived on the scene!

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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