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The Stories Behind the Years of Australian Baby Boomer

There were 6 years in between 1945 and 1958 when due to conflicting political and economic issues, the baby boom had reduced, but soon afterwards, childbirth rates in Australia continued to rise.

Thus, the baby boomer years in Australia are officially tagged as being those between 1946 and 1961, which also witnessed a rise in the number of Europeans immigrants to the continent towards mid 20th century.

The ’50’s arrived with a bang for the baby boomers registered their presence everywhere in the business and educational world, having benefited from the booming economic prosperity of their parents who had survived the World War and additional advancements made towards medicine, science and technology fields.

Among the major changes recorded in the social fabric of Australia during the time of the baby boomers were LP audio recordings in vinyl disc format,; ’55 saw Bill Haley crooning ‘Rock Around the Clock,’ rock and roll became a national rage throughout the continent with local bands forming to dish it out to keen audiences and names like Johnny O’Keefe and Cole Joye emerging to be icons of the time

Blue jeans and tees became regular youth uniforms and American movie stars like Brando and Dean were hot favorites with the Australian baby boomer generation while the comic book craze of the US reached the land down under as well as other favorite American pastimes like Hula-hoops twirling, etc. which were different to the casual and conservative standards of the previous generation.

Along came the time for ‘Beatle Mania’ to official set in, in Australia; the ’60’s marked the UK pop boy-band touring Australia amid frantic fan followings turning into mobs crazed about their music as R ‘N’ R became ‘in’ and square parents who didn’t quite fit the groove, were ‘out.’ Music brought in a new wave of change for Australian baby boomers with ‘The Seekers’ becoming the first local band to achieve the 1million mark in sales of records and Jeann Shrimpton raised more than a few eyebrows with her entry at the Melbourne Cup –dressed in a mini-skirt, which soon became all the rage.

Social change set in by 1963 with Aboriginal activist, Charles Perkins, protesting and winning against racial discrimination in schools and social joints and enabling the entry of his people to be established New South Wales’s public areas and hitherto un-entered domains.

The ’70s witnessed more socio-political changes post the Vietnam War and the protests it: the Melbourne metropolitan was subsequently shut down following moratorium marches in opposition to it and brought in more power and awareness of self-growth for the baby boomers. Thus, with nearly 3million adult Australians during 1962-1972, the nation’s conservative form of government had no choice but to give in the change first brought to life by Gough Whitlam, labor party leader and ideal Prime Ministerial candidate: some of his radical ideas included free education on a university, laws, an anti-discriminatory policy for Aborigines and calling back Australian soldiers from Vietnam.

All of these were advocated and supported successfully by Australian new-age voters, who believed in freedom for all and utilizing creative energies for sustained development, in a peaceful environment.

The ’80’s saw these baby boomer radicals ageing but still in a position to enjoy the wealth and power accumulated over the years as even with their self-focus (the Me generation tag still sat heavy on the high-income group), the Australian baby boomers continued to be prominent entities in the socio-economic and political fabric of the continent.


Baby Boomer Statistics on Birth, Retirement and Empty Nestling


The term ‘baby boomer’ is the name given to the generation of people who were born right after the 2nd world war. That time of history saw over 70 million (70,000,000) Americans born to American citizens in the US. It really was a baby boom and the name stuck to anyone born during the baby boom years.

All those Americans born during the baby boom and are still living will now be in the age group of 42 to 60. This generation still plays a significant role in every political election in the country. And here in lies their power and importance, baby boomers play a very important part in postWW2 American history and have uplifted their generation to greater levels.

Economic statistics are proof that all baby boomers in their 50’s earn approximately 2 trillion U.S. Dollars. That accounts for over 77% of all the financial assets in America. As if that was not enough of an achievement baby boomer have more than 50% discretionary authority in private organizations as well as in government.

What is of importance is that the baby boomer generation is now facing the issue of retirement since they are reaching superannuation. Financial constraints of retired life are the least of their worries, baby boomers are facing the emotional problem of dealing with the ’empty nest syndrome’ – the feeling that takes over when their children grow up and go out to make a life of their own – on their own.

The empty nest syndrome is set in the same scenario when the baby boomer was newly married and set out in life himself or herself. The difference is that this time round they have expended all their energies and their youth is gone too. The baby boomer may deal with their emotions well because they know they are looked up to and must live up to their brand name – “The Independent Generation”.

A poll that was conducted especially for baby boomers uncovered some especially important points that are listed here:

  1. The name of the baby boomer generation was drawn from the baby boom that followed the 2nd world war. All those born during the baby boom are called baby boomers.
  2. Baby boomers currently account for 28 percent of the American population.
  3. By 1957 it is believed that Americans gave birth to 4,300,000 (4.3 million) babies. It was in this year that the most babies were ever born in the United States.
  4. Baby boomers look at superannuation with a positive vision rather than a depressed view. Many of the baby boomers plan to set up some profession or business even after retiring. Self-employment is the choice for most baby boomers. Over 75% of the baby boomers want to also spend quality time with their families and mostly their grandchildren.
  5. 50% of all the baby boomers are more than sure they will have adequate finances to enjoy a leisurely retired life, vacationing abroad is included.

All About Baby Boomers  

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