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Baby Boomers: Who They Are and What’s in Store for Them

The US registers the highest number of baby boomers, also called the Me Generation due to their tendency to focus on themselves and their needs, met in full by their parents who survived and prospered both economically and politically after the Second World War (1946).

The children born to WW-II survivors were an enigmatic and interesting lot: with so much more freedom, financial security, social license and political changes happening around them, they took it much as their right to rule over making radical and revolutionary changes in the fabric of the society they lived in.

Thus, these youngsters were responsible for new age thought processes, highly cultural leanings, being politically aware of civil rights and related issues that fueled growth and development of the already affluent American nation.

Thanks to the increased birth rates registered between 1946 and 1960, America witnessed the highest number of baby boomers – the generation that challenged established norms, flouted conventions, sought answers and rode against the wave to empower their national economy and assist other global ones that were flagging, especially European ones.

Peace-time products and materials made in America were then shipped to other countries (ally nations) to support flagging economies, resulting in boosting business in the US and securing its citizens higher income jobs as well that enabled them to lead luxurious lives even after retirement.

As a result, the standard of education and the lifestyle followed by the US families also registered a change for the better with baby boomers being able to afford more, earlier. Getting college degrees was easy and affordable for the highly paid families most baby boomers came from and so the US had more professionally qualified people joining its work force and naturally became a super-power.

On the flip side, with protests Vietnam setting in, many of the young generation dodged drafting for military duty or did not show up after drafting, which was their way of recognizing communists and socialists as the bad guys and a means to become politically active was subsequently sought by them –through ensuring higher income jobs, which they excelled at.

The baby boomer generation has political bigwigs like George W Bush and Bill Clinton among its dominant names, both of whom advocated and succeeded in leading America to the top with radical views and policies for boosting funds to the military services.

Thus, with nearly 28% of the American population today comprising of baby boomers – the group defined as post WW-II babies who are now mature adults and retiring late, sustaining creative, business and personal energies for their further development, there is as much a boost to the government’s decision making policies as much as there is concern over deciding changes for this generation’s post-retirement health benefits planning.

Current changes on the anvil for the US government as far as baby boomers are concerned includes taking requisite steps for enhancing facilities for their healthcare budget and also for boosting their retirement benefits, 2 hitherto unexplored areas of progress for baby boomers and ensure national economic prosperity to be consistent.

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