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Adoption from Same Sex Couples

Adoption from Same Sex Couples

Adoption from Same Sex Couples Same-sex attraction is now a major social issue slowly being widely accepted. Here we talk about adoption by Same Sex Couples and where to start.

If partners are in a same sex relationship, one may decide to adopt a child. In the U.S., the legal requirements of adoption from same sex partners differs from one state to another and in countries worldwide.

‘Second parent adoption’ is one of the options open to same sex adoption, where a partner can adopt the biological child or adopt the partner’s child with the parent still having parental rights. One of the partners, in theory, could as a single parent adopt a child. “The other partner can also adopt the child, so that they too become the child’s parent.” (“Adoption from Same Sex Couples – Parents Club”)

This process is not available in Florida where adoption by gay people is forbidden, nor is it possible in Utah, where any couples who are cohabiting and not legally married, are unable to adopt anyone. “However, it is possible for single people to adopt in Utah.” (“Adoption from Same Sex Couples – Parents Club”)

In the United States, second parent adoption is allowed for couples of the same sex in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington and in Washington D.C. The other thirty-eight states that the laws for adoption by partnerships of the same sex are ambiguous.

Same-sex activity has become a major social issue with civil unions and marriages of same sex couples becoming legal status in many countries. It may only be a matter of time before all these issues regarding same sex partnerships are wiped out.

Adoption by gay people is still a new social issue as the jury is still out on public opinion and its’ slowness for acceptance. The subject of same-sex attraction is still a sensitive and controversial one to touch on, with hotly contested issues and opinions from both sides.

The opponents reject gay adoption usually on moral grounds as same-sex activity is regarded as immoral. Adoption by same sex couples is seen as highly immoral, as parents are traditionally thought of as being female and the other male. It is thought that different-sex couples make better parents and that same-sex couples may not be able to fulfill all the requirements of a child.

There are several organizations that strongly support same-sex couples – the American Academy and the American Psychological Association of Pediatrics believe that they qualify as parents equally as different-sex couples.

Many people fear that a child being raised by gay parents influence a child into becoming a gay person, or that the child’s well-being could fall detrimentally. Research shows that this is not as preconceived, and that children do fare just as well with same-sex parents as they do with straight parents, as sexual orientation has no bearing on the child.

A study conducted by the UCLA estimated that by not allowing child adoption by LGBT couples set the United States annual costs which ranged from $87 million and $120 million. This was because researchers found that same-sex couples were more likely to adopt children that did not appeal to different-sex couples.

This includes children that have behavioral problems, children that are HIV positive and older children. “Those children that are not adopted are cared for by the State, and this can place a financial burden as they fall under foster care, a system which is draining on government funds.” (“Adoption from Same Sex Couples – Parents Club”)

As same sex adoption is still a controversial issue, progress is still ongoing but moving along. Same sex couples must investigate the laws and regulations where they live and explore all the options to them.


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