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Adopting from China

Adopting from China

Adopting from China only married couples are allowed to adopting from China and their age range is 30 to 50 years when their papers are registered in China; besides this, those looking to adopt a child of 6months to 18months need to be between 30-44 while those between the ages of 45-50 can adopt children 18 months to 3 years old and older couples (51-55 years) are only eligible to adopt via the Waiting Child Program as China’s adoption facility for outsiders is based on age factors mainly.

This means if one potential foster parent is under 30 years or the other over fifty-five, they are not eligible to pursue adopting from China. (“Adopting From China – 4 Requirements to Adopt a Chinese Child”)

Besides the strict age criterion, a positive health history is imperative to raise the chances of married couples keen to adopt a child from China as issues like depression, a major illness or any other severe delimiting health condition can prevent them from living out this dream.

Adoptive parents need to prove they have led a medication free life for at least 2 years if there is any history of depression or excessive anxiety. Those with alcoholism problems in a recent history (10years) are not allowed to adopt a child from China as well as those using a wheelchair, mobility support device or those with missing limbs.

“Thus, naturally, those with a disease at the infectious stage, an illness requiring long term treatment that can affect life expectancy or even cases of blindness, auditory problems (though deaf couples can adopt a deaf child) or other such severe illnesses are some restrictions regarding adoption rules in China governed by health factors.” (“4 Requirements to Adopt a Chinese Child – Health32.Com”)

“More details are available on this issue on the Internet and even a good adoption agency can help provide additional facts.” (“Adopting From China – 4 Requirements to Adopt a Chinese Child”)

Besides health and age, the financial stability factor is also an important one for married couples looking to adopt a child from China; their combined net worth must prove to be a minimum of $80,000 with the applicants earning over ten thousand dollars per head as far as those living in the home is concerned, which includes the child to be adopted.

Thus, the adoptive parents need to have a minimum annual income of $30,000 or more, which brings it to $10K per person living in the home besides the stipulation of the same amount per child, in case of more than one.

A criminal background check is also conducted for those looking to adopt from China and those with current warrants against them are fail the eligibility criteria for adopting from China as well as those on probation at the time of application; this restriction also applies to those applicants with a history of substance abuse, charged with violent crimes, including domestic violence issues and sex abuse, dissertation and felony of any kind besides naturally undesirable issues such as child abuse.

“These restrictions regarding adopting from China are studied against individual petitions and agencies and programs do differ in laws and regulations in various places.” (“Adopting from China – Todays Parenting”)

Besides these main facts about adopting from China, there are other essential details such as marriage, household and citizenship requirements besides religious issues that are pertinent to couples looking beyond geographical borders to adopt through an international adoption agency.


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