7 Super Foods That Reverse the Aging Process

7 Super Foods That Reverse the Aging Process

7 Super Foods That Reverse the Aging Process – Aging is a natural process through which all the living things have to pass before death.

Being superior to all creatures, human beings are more conscious about this process. This is because it shows many effects on the skin. The elasticity of the skin decreases, and it becomes dull and dry.

All this happens due to decreased production of natural oils by the
skin. The result appears in the form of changing skin. No one can stop this process because it is natural. However, there are certain foods that can prove beneficial in slowing down the process of aging. Regular intake of such foods may even reverse the effects of aging from the skin.

What is the Aging Process?

The process of becoming older is called the aging process. All the living things have to pass through this stage before death. The time of the aging process is different in all the living things.

In human beings this process usually starts after forties. Skin is the part of the body that shows this aging prior to all other parts. Similarly, many other human organs also become weak with this process. Thought, reasoning, eyesight, memory, hearing, and many other body systems get weaker.

We can also define aging as the collection of changes that bring human beings close to death. This means that aging is directly related with mortality rate in human beings and many other species.

The mortality rate increases with the increase in age. This is because the functioning of all the parts of the body comes to sub…


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