Wed. Mar 8th, 2023

Remote Control Cars Radio Sports for Die-Hard Hobbyists


Remote Control Cars Radio Sports for Die-Hard Hobbyists Radio sport is a term that can be used as only a single word or two different words. It is used to refer to the “ham” or the radio equipment used by amateurs for playing radio-controlled games. These games could be group or single person events. It can also involve external competitors in a real-time race or a performance of some sort over a period.

These contests, usually sponsored events, last from as less as a few hours to a few days. Worldwide being two days long. It can be local, or it may even involve traveling some distance. “It can range from contests that last only for a few hours to contests held cumulatively for many weekends.” (“Remote Controlled Cars, Other Vehicles, and Toys: Radio Sports for Die …”) Each event has its own set of rules including which regions or stations can participate and more.


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