10 Surefire Ways to Cutdown Your Grocery Bill

10 Surefire Ways to Cutdown Your Grocery Bill

10 Surefire Ways to Cutdown Your Grocery BillHow to Buy in Bulk Buying items in bulk can be the biggest way to save on your grocery bills.

The question is how to buy in bulk wisely? What should you buy and how will you store it? It’s scary to think about whether you’ll actually be able to use it all. So, let’s take a look at smart bulk buying.

You’ve already prepared to be a smart bulk buyer if you’ve followed all the above steps. Since you’ve planned your menus ahead of time and know exactly what you need you can buy cuts of meat, canned/frozen foods and large boxes of food items in bulk. Most foods are usually cheaper in bulk than single size.

Check to see if you can shop at a wholesale club. Buying in bulk can be terrifying in the beginning, especially when you are shopping once a month since your food bill will seem huge.

Just remember that everything you buy is something you need and that it would cost much more if you bought the items separately at your usual store. You’ll save tremendously this way.

Make sure not to buy more than you eat and not to be tempted into buying items that aren’t on your list in bulk.

Another criterion you need to keep in mind is that some bulk prices are not as economical as buying several units of the product.

Your price book will help you evaluate whether it’s a good deal or not since you now know each unit’s regular price. Do a little crunching before you decide to put it in your shopping cart.

If you find a really good deal, stock up! Remember to stock up only on non-perishables. It’s no use buying a huge bag of fruit if it’s going to end up rotting in your fridge.

Canned goods, flour, rice, pulses are some items that can be stored well for a long time.

Your aim here is to stock your cabinet and fill your freezer with the highest quality food at the lowest possible price.

If you do stock up on perishables, then re-package and store them in smaller bags -Divide them into daily portions and freeze them.

You can also be a smart bulk buyer by sharing the costs with friends or family. Buy in bulk and split up the food accordingly. This can be a great time saver too if you both swap shopping trips.

10 Surefire Ways to Cutdown Your Grocery Bill

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